Bridge Reports

Bridge Report 2018

Bridge at the Cumberland continues to be a lively and interesting section. We have 55 – 60 members and play alternate Friday evenings in the warm and spacious Ramus Room.

This year we commenced having a professional Director for our Duplicate evenings, using Bridgemate. On other evenings, Tony Corby Scores and Directs for us, with occasional help from other members of the Club.

We are grateful for delicious catering support from Rob and his team, and organisational help from Adrianna.

We play numerous matches against other Tennis and Golf Clubs, as well as Lords and The RAC. We have a very popular Ladies only contest against three other Golf Clubs for the Greber Cup. Annually  we play the combined teams from AELTC, Hurlingham, Roehampton and Queens, for The Queens Centenary Cup.

We welcome new members and annually have an Invitational Evening to welcome other Clubs and friends.

Our Chairman is Shirley Gumpel and the Committee Members are Sue Boucher, our Treasurer, Sally Cass, Roni Lis and, newly this season, Graham Barber.